Customized Design

Max-D Interior, we plan accordingly to your needs, infused with our ideas, ultimately creating a customized design that is uniquely yours!

As you engage our service for your home renovation, you can expect the following scenarios:
  • A home tailored to your lifestyle that makes a tiring day just go away as you soak in the relaxing nest you have created for yourself and your loved ones;
  • To be the king or queen of your own space, because every bit of it is made to your specification. You may even accidentally make your neighbours jealous of your custom-built home;
  • Visiting relatives to be impressed by your taste in choice of materials, furniture, decor, colours and hold you in high regard whenever they think of how you have made your living environment so compatible with your life.


To ensure our clients are able to envision their future home, we provide 3D rendered visualization drawings to aid in your ability to see your home exactly the way you’d like it to be. You can leave your project to our expertise in detailed drawings that can assist in ensuring an efficient workflow.

When you entrust your project with us, you can expect:
  • Timely and responsive communication between your project designer and you to maximize the opportunity for you to articulate what you would like the final outcome to look like;
  • When we are far enough along in the design process, your designer will be able to put the visuals you have in mind down to drawings to take the guesswork out of whether the final delivery matches that of what you have envisioned;
  • Within reasonable limit, we will make amendments to suit your preference over upcoming appointments. This can help prevent nasty surprises where things are added in or taken away without your knowledge.


When you engage our professional project designer to handle your home renovation, you can look forward to:
  • Hands-on project management that focus on every stage of your renovation, and in that aspect, we manage every detail for you so you can rest assured that your dream home is in progressing while you are at work;
  • An estimated project schedule, to guide you through the upcoming works. With the proper updates given to you, you will always feel in control of the situation knowing what’s been done and what’s coming next;
  • Flexible arrangement of service. Depending on your personal needs and circumstances at the time of planning, we can determine how much to get involved. Some owners like to be more involved because they have prior experience in renovation, some like to leave things in the hands of the coordinator due to busy schedules. We work to understand and adapt to your needs as we begin collaborating on your dream home project together.